Knowing Victor Brake Types And Soundboxes

Victrolas went via a number of different brake types and soundboxes. From the earliest designs to The brand new Orthophonic Victrolas, there were no less than 4 iterations of brake layouts that were created.

In the meantime, soundboxes arrived in five a variety of iterations starting from the duration of 1906 until finally 1925 when Victor released its Electrola types. These soundboxes were being bought in possibly gold or nickel plate finishes. Most types are also interchangeable.

Brake Styles

The next are definitely the brake styles that were deployed by Victor:

one. Bullet Brake

Viewed within the earliest models of Victrolas, this external design variety was accustomed to quit the turntable and is said to look similar to exactly the same procedure used because of the external horn Victor machines.

two. Tab Brake

Victrolas with the tab brake style experienced the leather “end” placed Within the turntable rim that makes it show up invisible in the perspective of your operator.

3. Semi-Automated Brake

Introduced in 1913, this design and style allowed the user to preset the shutoff level manually once the record involves an finish, By doing so, it allows the brake to become engaged through the tonearm extension rod at the end of playback.

four. Fully Computerized Brake

Present in the new Orthophonic Victrolas in 1925, the Highly developed system of Thoroughly Automatic Brake essential no consumer settings mainly because it relies entirely around the record’s eccentric stop groove to read more be able to set off the brake.


Most clients would opt for paying for later Model of soundboxes which they at first intended to be used on older phonograph styles. This is due to the latter types exhibited enhanced sound copy. Apparently, the so-known as “updating” of soundboxes appeared to be inspired by Victor sellers. Because of this, it is actually typical to discover an early product of Victor that will come installed having a later-vintage soundbox.

The following are the various styles for your soundbox that were launched:

1. Exhibition Soundbox

From 1906 as much as January 1918, all Victrola versions utilised the Exhibition Soundbox style and design. This style and design will likely be discovered because of the script observed about the side of the soundbox. It is usually scaled-down in diameter when compared to the No.2 design.

2. No. two Soundbox

The greater No.2 Soundbox was released on particular Victrola versions (XIV, XVI, and XVII) from the latter part of 1917. This structure had a “fatter” tone arm and arrived in possibly gold or nickel plate.

three. Orthophonic Soundbox

This soundbox iteration experienced a definite appearance. It comes with a skinny aluminum diaphragm which changed the earlier mica layout. Earlier versions experienced brass housings even though afterwards versions arrived in pot-metal which tends to crack with age. The offered finishes for this style and design ended up antique brass, nickel or gold.

four. Magnetic Soundbox

Launched in 1925 on Victor’s Electrola products, the Magnetic Soundbox utilized a coil and magnet method in translating the record vibrations into your amplifiers’ electrical indicators.

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